World Clothing Championship 2018 Final

Well here it is, the grand final of the J&S World Clothing Championship! What will take the title of the J&S 2018 World Clothing Champion?

The grand final is between the and the and takes place on Sunday July 15th at 4pm. You have 24 hours to vote from this time.

Remember to vote on this for a chance to WIN the final champion – all you need to do is go to our Facebook page, find the poll and vote for whichever you like more. Its as simple as that. Everyone who voted from each poll will go in to a draw and the winner will be announced on Tuesday July 17th 2018. Good luck everyone!

The grand final clash is between:

Alpinestars Fastback Jacket
Alpinestars Fastback Jacket
Alpinestars Motegi Jacket
Alpinestars Motegi Jacket

A clash of Alpinestars titans!

Remember to enter! Good luck to everyone!

Until next time, stay safe,