Women Riders World Relay 2019

Women Riders World Relay 2019 at J&S Accessories Northwich

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Its International Women’s Day today and what better day to be writing about something like this than today?

Fourways Cafe's CakesOn Wednesday March 6th the Women Riders World Relay (WRWR2019) dropped by on their mammoth worldwide relay journey to our Oakmere store and enjoyed a free slice of cake and hot drink from the very generous Fourways Cafe on site!

So what actually is the Women Riders World Relay? It is a world-wide women’s motorbike relay, covering even the remote, the daring and the vast parts of our world. There are over 10k group members from more than 80 countries to complete this relay in just 4 weeks.

The aim is to  pull off the largest recorded world-wide motorbike relay. WRWR have a small team from numerous countries worldwide who are collaborating to organise the event. The GPS baton traces them along every step of their journey.

When Hayley Bell contacted us at J&S HQ with her plans to come for a stop-off at our store we jumped at the chance to support such a great cause! Hayley is a founder of the Women Riders World Relay (as well as a long time J&S customer) and says:

“I wanted to ignite a global sisterhood of inspirational women to promote courage, adventure, unity and passion for biking from all corners of the world and do something that’s never been done before to this scale. My aim is to WOW the industry into realizing the global market for women in Motorsports and to inspire women world wide. Going into motorcycle stores and seeing a lack of choice, combined with stereotypical pink and being told “there just isn’t the market for women”, highlighted to me just one small element of a much bigger picture around women in Motorsports.I want to show the industry the force behind the market that is so blindly overlooked.I am doing this because WOMEN BIKERS CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN.”

Women Riders World Relay 2019 Outside J&S Accessories Northwich

BKS Roxy Kevlar Black LeggingsAs you can see we had a great turn out and the WRWR2019 members were given  a great reception as well as some cake! We also donated a pair of BKS Roxy ladies pants, worth £119.99, to them for their prize giveaway.

We wish them all the best on their journey, all around the world, and are very proud to support their mission to get more women involved in biking – the more the merrier! If you want to track their journey you can do that here and even better if you want to JOIN the relay then go here. You can also show your support by donating to their cause.

You can learn more about the #WRWR2019 and see how their visit went here:

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