Show Us Your Lid Finalists

Show us your lid competition

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. We launched the “Show us your lid” competition a few weeks ago. The point of the competition was to see all of your weird and wonderful helmets. You send us pictures of your (motorcycle) helmets and then we’d give a brand spanking new HJC RPHA 70 to the winner! Sorted. However……it hasn’t been as easy as that. You see, first of all the amount of entries has been insane, amazing! but insane nonetheless. Also the calibre of the the entries has been very high and here, at J&S Accessories HQ, there has been arguments within our judgement panel as to who deserves to win the brand new helmet… this is where YOU come in.

We have decided to have a shortlist of 8 finalists and let YOU decide who will win. Don’t worry – this important role does not go without perks. Three lucky voters will win a £20 J&S Accessories Ltd Gift voucher (picked at random at the closure of the competition)

“How do I go about getting a chance to win a £20 gift voucher?” I hear you cry! WELL! All you need to do is either go on to our Facebook post and “like” or “share” (or both) or/and go on to our Twitter posts and “like” and/or “retweet” your favourite entry. Its as simple as that. We will pick three winners at random for the £20 gift voucher on Wednesday April 18th….as well as announcing the winner of the “Show us your lid” competition on the same day!

Now on to the competition finalists. Here are the 8 finalists to choose from. Who do YOU think deserves the HJC RPHA 70? Meet your finalists:

Does Andy Slocombe’s entry (featuring baby Grace) make you want to vote? Or is this just gratuitous use of an insanely cute baby to garner votes? The decision is yours!

Is David Hickson’s ingenius use of his old helmets a winner in your eyes?

Does John Harber’s vintage Max Biaggi replica float your boat or does this just not do it for you?

Lionel Rimmer’s vintage Barry Sheene replica caused a stir in the office. Sean the Sheep seems to like this – but do you?

Lisa Chorlton’s entry has a very life like portrait tribute to her pet pooch Finley – are you a fellow dog lover or are you a cat lover so would never vote for this?

Paul Severn’s helmet has an intricate paintwork job – is this to your tastes?

Phil Taylor-Bonds’ unique helmet caught our eye – does it catch yours?

Tim Johnson’s rather clever (and highly intricate) paint job was a popular entry at J&S HQ – but is it popular with you?

So to be in with a chance to win a J&S gift voucher go to our Facebook post, get on to our Twitter and vote away! The winner will be announced on Wednesday April 18th and the three winners of the £30 J&S Gift vouchers will also be announced on that date. Get voting everyone and good luck!

Until next time, stay safe