Schuberth C3

Schuberth C3 White Flip-Front Motorcycle Helmet

The Schuberth C3 flip-front motorcycle helmet is billed as the world’s quietest modular helmet, but is this true? And what else does it have to offer?

Schuberth C3 White Flip-Front Motorcycle Helmet


The Schuberth C3 rated 3 out of 5 stars in the Sharp test. If you don’t know much about Sharp testing then that may not seem like a very good score, but for a flip-front helmet, this is a good score. The percentage of impacts where the faceguard on the C3 remained fully locked within the rigorous testing was a highly impressive 97%. When I say rigorous I mean rigorous! For more information about Sharp testing and the process, the helmets are subject to go here.

The Schuberth C3, regardless of the Sharp testing, features Schuberth’s anti-roll-off safety feature aka AROS. This will not allow the helmet to roll off the wearer’s head. The chin strap secures the helmet in place and opposes any lift. Schuberth achieves this with dual straps that link the rear portion of the shell to the chin straps. This reduces the freedom of movement in case the helmet is pulled forward giving more security in the event of a crash.

Schuberth also place a lot of emphasis on vision as their
visors have 100% Grade A optics along with a class 1 sun visor (the only other brand with a class 1 sun visor is Shoei)

Schuberth C3 Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet White Side


Not only is this billed as the quietest flip-front motorcycle helmet in the world but it also billed as the world’s smallest flip-front helmet-sized like a race helmet with 2 outer shell sizes 3cm shorter and 1cm narrower than the, not exactly gargantuan, Schuberth C2. This is a big draw for a lot of people who like the idea of a modular helmet but can find them to be a bit bulky. The C3 was also designed in a wind tunnel for high-speed aerodynamic stability. A lot of thought has gone into this streamline styling.

Schuberth C3 Matt Black Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet Back


As well as being “the world’s quietest flip-front helmet” with 84dB at 60mph, this is also the world’s lightest flip-front helmet weighing a mere 1,550g, fully fitted,160g lighter than the Schuberth C2. It also has an innovative multi-ventilation system developed in a wind tunnel that actively uses areas of low and high pressure to create real cooling benefits without creating noise adding to the riding experience of the rider. The lining is removable and washable to keep you fresh and as this is more aerodynamic than most flip-front helmets, you will find your head bobs a lot less at higher speeds with less noise!

Schberth C3 White Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet Sun Visor


The Schuberth C3 comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty (you must register this) which is always handy. The C3 also has recesses built-in for intercom installation and removable cheek pads – which are also washable as well as the lining. The visor is a quick-release visor that is very easy, and quick, to change and is Pinlock ready. The closure system is a micro-ratchet system which is also very simple to use and the preferred type of most of our customers.

Schuberth C3 Matt Black Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet Front


To be honest it’s actually very hard to come up with obvious negatives on the Schuberth C3. This is a good helmet. This doesn’t come with Pinlock so that is an extra expense should you want to install one (which you most likely will) but they are readily available and not hard to source. Another criticism of Schuberth is their sizing. They don’t adhere to the generally adopted universal helmet sizing system and tend to lag by a centimetre behind other brands, which can cause real confusion. For example, a size Medium in a Shoei is a size 57-58 CMs. In a Schuberth, a size Medium is 56-57 CMs. Confusing. Also if you’re used to another brand you may find this in-between sizing just isn’t actually suitable for your head!

Schuberth C3 Matt Black Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet Base Internal



The benefits of this helmet completely outweigh the negatives (if you pardon the pun from this ultra-lightweight helmet!) and there is no doubt that this is an extremely quiet helmet with a well-thought-out design for touring. If you’re thinking of buying one then you could get a lot worse for your money.

Until next time, stay safe,