Richa Cyclone Motorcycle Jacket

Richa Cyclone Gore-Tex Textile Motorcycle Jacket

The Richa Cyclone Gore-Tex Textile Motorcycle Jacket is Richa’s latest Gore-Tex offering – but how does it compare with other Gore-Tex jackets on the market and is it any good?

Richa Cyclone Gore-Tex textile Motorcycle Jacket side

First of all one thing that makes this jacket stand out from the crowd compared to it’s counterparts on the market is that it also comes in plus sizes. One sticky point is that the plus sized (size 4XL – 12XL) is more expensive – £474.99 compared to the £429.99 for the regular sized version) Richa state that this is because more material is used, which seems to be standard in clothing retailers for larger sizing, so won’t be something that plus sized customer aren’t used to with purchasing clothing. This jacket also has a Gore-Tex membrane making this 100% waterproof and breathable and therefore a cut above non-Gore-Tex jackets. Gore-Tex’s reputation precedes it as the most reliable of all waterproof and breathable membranes. To find out more on membranes read a previous blog here.

Richa Cyclone Gore-Tex Textile Motorcycle Jacket Back

The Richa Cyclone jacket is also made from stern stuff. Gore-Tex panels are incorporated in it’s shell (as well as the liner) along with an extremely abrasion resistant textile outer and D30 elbow and shoulder protectors and D30 back protector – all CE approved to level 1 – and all removable for when you wash your jacket. This isn’t all! The Richa Cyclone seems to be aptly named as it seems if one struck you’d feel snug as a bug in a rug thanks to the smart layer connection system with a detachable warm thermal quilted liner – so this is versatile for all seasons and weather conditions – a real plus point for the unpredictable British climate!

The Richa Cyclone also has plenty of storage for touring with welded zip pockets to keep the rain out as well as plenty of handy inside pockets. This also has adustability at the waist, cuffs, arms and at the base for a great fit which can be personalised for in the riding position for a more comfortable ride.

Richa Cyclone Gore-Tex Textile Motorcycle Jacket Open

So what are the negatives about this jacket? Well, the colour is hardly enthralling, but then the best selling colour in all of our kit is always black, and this does have lots of reflective detailing to make this more visible. Another complaint is that this looks very typical of your run of the mill textile jacket. Not a problem for some but for £439.99 (or £474.99 price for plus size bikers) would you want a bit more panache? Also a few of our customers who did go for this jacket didn’t really rate the back protector – but most of them wear Forcefield strap-on back protectors so just took the one that came with the jacket out instead. Obviously the back protector is CE approved – it just depends what you feel comfortable with!

All in all this has been a fantastic seller for us at J&S and our customers have raved about the fact that they have toured for many miles (some in the thousands) and it still looks the same as the day they bought it – maybe black IS the best option – it obviously covers a multitude of sins! The Richa Cyclone Gore-Tex textile motorcycle jacket is also available in ladies sizing and a matching trouser is also available.

Until next time, stay safe,