Martin Lewis

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. I thought I would tell you about J&S Accessories Ltd.’s brush with fame last night. You know, before we lose contact with the “little people”.

Our flagship motorcycle superstore (and the location of J&S HQ as well) J&S Accessories Ltd Oakmere, was on a programme on ITV last night. Primetime nonetheless. That’s just how we roll. The programme was called “Martin Lewis: 10 things your kids need to know” You can still watch it on the ITV hub for a few days and it is definitely worth a watch, if not just for the spectacular shots of our amazing shop!

For those of you who don’t know, Martin Lewis is a “money expert” and was advising you all to shop with us. Even though he didn’t explicitly say it (in so many words) you could tell that he meant it in his eyes. So, you should listen to him. He knows what he is talking about!

J&S Oakmere used to be a caravan store for many years. Martin Lewis grew up around the corner from our store next to Delamere Forest and his first job was actually here, before it was J&S, selling caravan awnings! His show took him on a trip down memory lane and he came to our store to talk about his first job.

There were a lot of more serious messages in his show, with great advice for young people starting out in their careers etc. but I think the best part of the show for us here at J&S, was seeing how Ade and Ash managed to squeeze themselves in to as many shots as they could!

Ade managed to win the award for “Making sure you got in to the most camera shots on the telly” with his blatant walk arounds in the background.

Some special mentions though to Ash for managing it twice and to Whisty for making it on to the first shot and for having the straightest leg walk in showbusiness. Also, actual kudos to Gino who was genuinely just helping a customer when he got in to shot – he was the only one doing any work while the camera crew were here! We would also like to give one extra shout out to Christian – who did a whole long interview with Martin and ended up on the cutting room floor with not even ONE shot of him on camera! Some faces just aren’t for tv. Don’t take it to heart Christo!

Not content with just being in the background (Ade ain’t no wallflower) he is one of the stars of the J&S Accessories Ltd YouTube channel – taking centre stage in his own “Ask Ade” videos. In his defence he has a right to be centre stage. He has worked at J&S now for over 20 years (I know! He doesn’t look a day over 28!) and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Also, if your question gets answered by Ade in one of our videos you will win a £10 J&S Gift voucher – so why not send us your questions? You can ask us on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or on the comments section on any of our YouTube videos.

Until next time, stay safe,