Looking After Your Kit

J&S Northwich Christmas party 2016

Hello and welcome to Alex’s blog! We are all a little tender at J&S HQ this week as the Christmas do was on Friday. Then the hangover was on Saturday. And Sunday. And Monday. And Tuesday….. If you’re lucky I may attach a picture or two at the end of this, but only if you’re good.

Now on to the blog! I promised you different topics when I first started writing these and by Jove I have one for you today!

During the run up to Christmas we sell a lot of kit and gift vouchers. And in the new year those gift vouchers are used to buy even more kit. This blog will hopefully be useful to not only the lucky recipients of all of this nice new lovely kit, but to owners of existing motorcycle gear! I am going to tell you the best ways to look after that kit, to keep waterproof stuff waterproof and to keep leather supple and well-conditioned. I won’t go too in-depth but I will give you some good tips from my ten years here.

Firstly: Leather! It’s all well and good buying a leather conditioner to keep your jacket/jeans supple and nice BUT you need to make sure that the leather is clean before you apply the conditioner – otherwise you’re trapping the impurities under a layer of leather conditioner and the leather isn’t getting any benefit from this.

SO. If you are going to apply leather conditioner I would recommend getting leather cleaner too. Apply this first. THEN the leather conditioner and then if you’re really feeling exotic and want to waterproof your leather you’d then apply this. With the drying time adhered to obviously. You only need to do this once a year or so but this really does prolong the life of your leathers.

Waterproof and textiles: It’s a myth that you cannot machine wash these items. You can. But make sure you do it on a cool wash. No heat AT ALL. Also take the armour out of your clothes and there is one simple golden rule that you MUST follow if you’re washing in a machine. Wash a load beforehand (of anything or nothing) with NO DETERGENT. Normal washing powder/liquid is way too evasive for waterproof kit and can strip the waterproofness and also cause the waterproofing to fail as well as the breathability.

So you need to make sure your washing machine is ready. Once its ready you need to wash the kit first to get all the road impurities out like salt etc. (and salt from the body too – don’t act like you don’t sweat on the bike!) To do this don’t use your normal washing powder – use Nikwax Techwash cleaner. This gets your kit sparkling and doesn’t hurt any breathable or waterproof membranes. Then use Nikwax TX Direct Wash in (or spray on if you’re not using a washing machine) This keeps the waterproofing perfect and then your jacket will be like new again. This only needs doing 1-2 times a year (depending how dirty it gets) but this will let you get the best out of your kit.

For gloves: Nikwax Glove Proof. This is very easy to apply and just sponges on with a very quick drying time. Ideal!

For visors: Spray on Visor Proof by Nikwax that is water repellent – very effective and very quick to work.

Here are the Nikwax products on our website Nikwax products

And for more detailed information try here: nikwax.co.uk

All of our stores have Nikwax training so if you do have any questions on the Nikwax products feel free to ask!

until next time!


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