Leicester Bike Meet – 10th Jul

J&S accessories Leicester bike meet at stoney cove

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog,

Gaz and Sam at our Leicester store are both bikers, and Sam has a background in putting on events – put them both together and what do you get? A J&S Bike Meet!

J&S Leicester bike night
J&S Leicester Bike Meet

For those who have been to our Leicester store, and believe me it’s worth a visit if you haven’t, you’ll know it isn’t the largest of stores and doesn’t have the largest of car parks. Don’t get me wrong, its plenty big enough for our customers but not ideal for a bike meet.

J&S Accessories Leicester
J&S Accessories Leicester

What our store DOES have is a fantastic biking community and a fantastic set of staff. Once Sam and Gaz decided they wanted to put something on for all of our customers (and any other bikers who wanted to come) Sam decided to use his contacts to find a location and Stoney Cove was first on his wish list!

Stoney Cove leicester
The views at Stoney Cove

Stoney Cove is actually a diving lake, not the usual hang out for bikers, but is set in an absolutely beautiful location and even has Nemo’s Bar and Restaurant on site! The other thing it has, which makes it ideal for a bike meet, is a fantastic and VAST car park!

Stoney Cove car park
Massive Car Park!

So, you have beautiful views, a MASSIVE car park, a great bar and restaurant and hundreds (over 470 this time) of bikes to drool over…what else could you want? WELL! We had Tom from Moto-direct doing some Arai helmet servicing, Chris from Moto-gear with a live demo of the Ixon Airbag vest, John from Cardo talking about intercoms (plus he kindly donated a drone for the Air Ambulance raffle) and East Midlands Ambulance were there to show exactly what anyone should do in a “Rider down” situation and even showcased their skills on Gaz (pictured) showing what they do from arrival all the way to getting in the ambulance! Very useful! You can head to our IGTV to watch the full video on this!

Rider down demonstration
Gaz getting the Rider Down treatment

As you can see from the pictures below, we had a massive turnout with over 400 bikes over the course of the evening and we are really pleased to say that everyone was respectful to the neighbours of Stoney Cove and everyone had a great time! Check out the gallery below to see if you can see yourself, or just to have a nosey at all the great bikes!

What a turnout of amazing bikes! If you couldn’t make it, or are kicking yourself for missing it then worry not! There is another one on Wednesday August 14th where we will have even more for you to see! We will hopefully see you then! You can see more updates about what is going on at the next bike night on the Facebook event page!

Until next time, stay safe,