HJC i70 Motorcycle Helmet

The New HJC i70 Motorcycle Helmet Range

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HJC have released their brand-new helmet for 2019 – the I70. Touted as “iconic and innovative”, the I70 has replaced the ever-popular HJC IS-17, but is it any better? Let’s have a look…

The HJC I70 has a more aggressive and sleek design than the IS-17 with a noticeably smaller shell for an extremely compact and lightweight shell with better aerodynamics, as this diagram shows. The I70 also comes in 2 shell sizes to ensure an even more compact shell for the individual.

HJC i70 vs HJC IS-17 shell sizes

The I70 has the brand new HJ-31 visor which is bigger and wider than the IS-17 visor giving more upward visibility whilst in the riding position and better vision all round. The new centre locking system also has upgraded durability as well as water tightness. The I70 also has a new, improved sun visor lever, in a handier position, which is easier to use wearing gloves while out on the bike.

The HJC i70 has a wider eye portal than the HJC IS-17

An improved ventilation system combined with the more aerodynamic spoiler design on the I70 gives improved air circulation for added comfort. The strategically placed revised top vent draws in more air to circulate more air, without adding more noise whilst wearing the helmet.

The HJC i70 has improved Ventilation

The I70 has a wider glasses grooves for glasses wearers which is a very handy feature and living up to the innovative tag includes speaker pockets for communication systems.

The HJC i70 Helmet Elim Graphic Range

The HJC i70 Helmet Karon Graphic Range

HJC have always been committed to creating cutting edge designs for their helmets and the I70 is no different. Unique and colourful designs are available along with plain colours so there is something for everyone.

The HJC i70 Karon Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC i70 Asto Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC i70 Varok Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Along with all the above features and new colourways, the I70 has a lightweight advanced polycarbonate shell and comes with a removable and washable Silvercool lining for maximum comfort and freshness, quick-release micrometric buckle which is extremely easy to use as well as an anti-fog insert to keep your vision clear.

Prices start from £179.99 making the I70 affordable and extremely good value for money! The HJC I70 is definitely an improvement on an already brilliant helmet.

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