Frank Thomas FLH01

Frank Thomas FLH01 Flip-Front White

The FLH01 flip-front motorcycle helmet has recently been reduced in price. This highly popular helmet is selling fast – let’s find out why:


The Frank Thomas FLH01 modular helmet features the European standard ECE2205 – which all helmets need for road use. The shell is a polycarbonate which isn’t the most lightweight or sophisticated of outers for a motorcycle helmet. However, despite the shell and the price, the FLH01 withstood a rather vicious (and comprehensive) attack in the form of a hammer attack! Yes, you read that correctly. An FLH01 wearer was unfortunately attacked whilst out on his bike. The attacker used a claw hammer in a bike-jacking incident. Please view the video below to see details – as you can see the helmet took a hammering (excuse the pun!) but the FLH01 wearer’s head did not! This goes to show that even though this helmet is on the cheaper end of the motorcycle helmet spectrum, especially with the price reduction, it’s still a very reliable safety item.

FLH01 Helmet Closed Matt Black


Available in two colours, plain matt black and plain white, the FLH01 helmet is understated in its aesthetics. The shell is simple and streamlined with subtle Frank Thomas branding and functional yet not overly complicated looking ventilation system. The flip function button is discreetly placed at the bottom of the helmet in keeping with the understated design of the FLH01.

FLH01 White Helmet Side


A comfort mesh liner is fully cushioned and comfortable for full days touring. It is fully removable and washable to keep you fresher for longer. The rear of the lining is soft to the touch at the neck with more durable fabric at the base for longevity and comfort for entry and exit. A drop-down sun visor is very easy to use and comfortable when in-use. The micro-ratchet retention system is fully adjustable for the perfect personalised fit.

FLH01 Helmet Rear Matt Black


The FLH01 may not be the most state-of-the-art motorcycle helmet (which the price reflects) but it does have many practical features. The lining is fully removable and washable for convenience. The flip-front button is conveniently placed at the bottom of the helmet with an exceptionally easy to use the button for use with motorcycle gloves. Just push in and then lift the chin bar up. When closing just make sure its clicked down well. Very simple to use. The same goes for the drop-down sun visor. A discreet button at the base of the helmet (to the left-hand side) just slides across easily – even when wearing gloves. The ventilation system is comprehensive and can be personalised to suit. The front vents and outer exhausts ensure optimum airflow.

FLH01 White Helmet Interior


When riding on the road this must be closed. The FLH01 does not offer P and J homologation. The flip-front function is very handy for touring and when stationary but if you’re looking for a helmet that you can ride with the chin-bar lifted up this is not the helmet for you. We would also recommend that you try the Frank Thomas FLH01 on as the fit isn’t for everyone. This rule applies to all helmets though, not just the FLH01. The visor, as it stands, is non-replaceable which can be a pain if you get a scratch but because of the price of this helmet doesn’t really pose a massive obstacle.



As you can see from the video, the Frank Thomas FLH01 helmet held it’s own against a hammer attack! It’s safe to say that you can trust this helmet. Yes, there are other flip-front motorcycle helmets that have more whistles and bells, but they aren’t the same price as the FLH01. For a touring flip-front motorcycle helmet, the FLH01 is comfortable, practical, safe and an incredibly good deal at that price!

Until next time, stay safe.