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World of Kawasaki at Donington Ride Out with Dragon Moto Tours

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog,

On Sunday the 30th of June DragonMoto Tours held a ride-out to the World of Kawasaki at Donington Park starting at our Oakmere store with a breakfast at The Fourways Cafe and Grill.

DragonMoto Tour rideout to The World of Kawasaki ready to roll
Ready to roll!

DragonMoto Tours approached us with the idea to hold a ride-out to the World of Kawasaki event at Donington Park! The plan was to start off with a brew and a butty at Fourways Cafe and Grill at J&S Accessories Oakmere, then go on to the Dog & Doublett inn in Sandon for more refreshments on to the World of Kawasaki event at Donington Park. This sounded great to us so we set about organising it!

Fourways, luckily, agreed to open super early that morning (they are great like that!) and put on a great spread for all the riders and pillions. Tickets were £7 each which included the breakfast at Fourways and then a drink on the way at the Dog and Doublett Inn in Sandon. (reasonable at double the price!) DragonMoto Tours are vastly experienced in organising ride-outs so wanted to cap the number of bikes to 30 to make sure everyone had a great time and the number was manageable.

we'd love to know what Andy said to Tom and Paul DragonMoto tours
We’d love to know what Andy said to Tom and Paul!

Everyone arrived early and excited and had their breakfast and cup of tea or coffee to wake them up and then it was time to start the ride-out! A fantastic route was planned by DragonMoto Tours made even the better by the quiet early morning roads.

After a quick toilet stop and a refreshment break at the lovely and biker friendly Dog and Doublett Inn, it was time to set off for Donington Park for the World of Kawasaki Event. DragonMoto Tours are an experience partner with Kawasaki UK.

Gary's "Bit of a project" went on display
Gary’s “Bit of a project” went on display at the World of Kawasaki event

There was lots to see and do at the World of Kawasaki event including the brilliant “Team Green Rockets” display team with ages ranging from 5 to 13 years old?!? They were BRILLIANT!

Team Green Rockets
Team Green Rockets

How anyone can be so good at such a young age is just astounding!

5 years old team green rockets
ONLY 5 years old!?!

As Paul from our ride-out said, “when I was 5 I still had stabilisers on my pushbike”….. while this kid is pulling stunts like the one photographed above!

A great time was had by all and the ride-out went smoothly and without a hitch, as you would expect from such experienced tour guides as DragonMoto Tours. The World of Kawasaki event in the UK is a relatively new event compared to others across the globe. The German one in particular is a HUGE event and it just so happens that DragonMoto Tours are putting on a tour to the World of Kawasaki event in Germany in May 2020.

Kawasaki Germany Trip
DragonMoto Kawasaki Germany Trip

For more details including prices and reservations for this trip contact DragonMoto Tours.

We just want to say thank you to DragonMoto Tours for leading this ride-out – everyone had a great time (including some J&S staff who attended!) Can we do it again next year??

Until next time, stay safe,