Win £2000 Worth Of Kit

Win £2000 worth of kit
Win £2000 worth of kit

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog,

How would you spend £2,000 in one of our 30 stores nationwide?

Would you get yourself kitted out in the latest sports leathers? Would you treat yourself to a trick new helmet? Would you be generous and share some with your friends? Would you get yourself some posh luggage? Some completely waterproof Gore-Tex kit? Keep pondering as you may get the chance to find out!

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Prize Draw – Aug 2018

J&S Accessories YouTube Re-Launch Banner

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog,

In my previous Blog I have written about how we have relaunched our YouTube channel with a new look and a new ethos with handy tips for you as a motorcyclist, if you’re new, experienced or just interested in all things bike we will have videos for you. We want to give our viewers and subscribers variety as well as providing lots of handy tips and information about new motorcycle clothing/kit/accessories and videos of events and anything else bike related. We really want your input as well.
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World Clothing Championship 2018 Quarters

World Clothing Championship 2018 - Quarter Finals

Hello and welcome to a bonus Alex’s Blog! We are down to the quarter-finals of the J&S 2018 World Motorcycle Clothing Championship! Only 8 products left in the competition!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning the final champion then all you have to do is vote and you could be randomly picked to be the winner! It is that simple. You just go to our Facebook page when the “matches” are on and you will find the polls on there.

So when are the quarter-finals and which products are in them?
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