Motorcycle Security

Bike Security

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. This week I wanted to focus on bike security. We obviously sell motorcycle kit to keep you secure in the event of the worst happening, but how do you protect your bike from being stolen?

You can’t look on social media these days without reading about bike thefts and these seem to be (worryingly) increasingly common, so I want to explore the different options you have to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you – or to make it as difficult as possible for the thieves!
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Clothing – Size Matters

Size Matters Banner

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. This week I wanted to look in to motorcycle clothing and the sizing available. I’ve done a blog on a sizing guide for motorcycle clothing, but I thought I would add to this with a little about motorcycle clothing for those of us who are petite, tall, more rotund or Herculean. Whilst we don’t always have these sizes in stock we can order them from our suppliers for you, just ask in any one of our 30 stores nationwide or contact us online.
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Motorcycle Gloves

Gloves Banner

Hello and welcome to Alex’s blog. Over the last few weeks I’ve given guides to buying boots, helmets, leathers, textiles and waterproofs which leaves gloves left to cover.

Gloves are probably the 2nd piece of protective motorcycle kit you should buy after a helmet. The likelihood is your hands will be the first or second thing to hit the ground when you come off your bike and the last thing you want is your hands hitting the road!
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Motorcycle Waterproofs

Collection of Waterproof Jackets

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. This week I wanted to focus on Waterproof clothing – and by waterproof I mean clothing with a waterproof membrane. Our 30 stores have fedback that lots of customers come in asking for “Gore-Tex” clothing but then when they find out the price they then downgrade to just “waterproof” as they aren’t aware of the options – so here I am to explore the other options for you.
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Buying a Motorbike

J&S Motorcycles Showroom

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. I’ve given you guides on to buying kit (and will give some more on other items in the future!) but how about a guide to buying a bike to use that kit on?

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Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots at J&S Accessories

Hello and welcome to Alex’s blog. With this glorious weather we are experiencing a lot of you will be getting out and about on your bike, most likely more than usual this year. With this in mind you will be getting more use out of your kit. This week I wanted to look at motorcycle boots and pass on some tips for buying the best boots for you and highlighting some great boot deals we have available at the moment for inspiration. Continue reading Motorcycle Boots

Time To Change Your Helmet?

Valentino Rossi AGV GP Tech 5 Continents Colour Fading

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. I hope you all had a lovely Easter and are now all sufficiently full of chocolate and ready for the biking season ahead of us. As the weather is getting nicer a lot of bikers are dusting off their bikes and their kit and starting to get out on the roads again. (I’m not going to pretend that every one of you is an all-season biker – I fully realise that a lot of you are fair-weather bikers)

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