Bell Eliminator Outlaw

The Bell Eliminator Outlaw motorcycle helmet is a full face helmet touted as a retro styled agressive street helmet – but is it any good? Lets take a look!

Bell Eliminator Outlaw Motorcycle helmet red side


Obviously, the Bell Eliminator Outlaw helmet is ECE 22.05 approved making this road legal and has passed all the European safety tests to give it this certification. Made from an ultra-durable fibreglass composite shell this is both ultra-lightweight and extremely protective. The wide visor is a ProVision anti-fog visor with class 1 optics for superior vision. The closure system is double D rings, but with a difference! There is a handy magnetic button which makes this a lot easier to use and gives you a lot more confidence in the closure.

Bell Eliminator Outlaw Motorcycle helmet Grey side


The Bell Eliminator Outlaw helmet is designed in a retro style with all modern safety features. The shell is intended to be an agressive street helmet with the angles and sleek spoiler incorporated in to the design to make this as aerodynamic as possible without compromising the retro feel. This design and execution has been well thought out.

Bell Eliminator Outlaw Motorcycle helmet Grey Front


As mentioned before, the Bell Eliminator Outlaw helmet is ultra-lightweight making it very easy to wear all day. This also features recessed EPS speaker pockets for easy installation of intercoms without compromising on comfort as well as an anti-bacterial comfort liner.
This has a full ventilation system with a difference! Along with a sophisticated air channel system at the front of the helmet this also comes with exhausts at the top of the shell for supreme air circulation. No other helmet gives comfort like this in hot weather.

Bell Eliminator Outlaw Motorcycle helmet red side


The visor of the Bell Eliminator Outlaw helmet has Bell’s visor locking system which is a really useful function but very easy to operate in gloves. The recessed EPS speaker pockets is also a great practical feature along with the clear ProVision anti-fog visor with class 1 optics. The magnetic button on the closure system is a really handy feature that you never knew you needed in your life. Its useful not only when the helmet is in use but when its off – it tidies the straps up and makes quick entry more simple. The sophisticated ventilation system is also highly practical – this really does offer unparalleled airflow which has been a game changer for sweaty heads in Summer! A cover for the vents on top of the head is also available to purchase should you desire/require.

Bell Eliminator Outlaw Motorcycle helmet Grey Side 2


Although the holes at the roof of the Bell Eliminator are an absolute game changer in hot weather… rain they can be somewhat of an incumbance. This isn’t really a problem for fair-weather riders, and lets be honest, thats a lot of people, but for all-year riders this can be a problem. The solution here is the simple cover that is available that has been designed to enhance the aerodynamics of the helmet with it’s shaping. The designs of the Bell Eliminator have been very well received, but some people just like a plain helmet. And these helmets ain’t plain – but you know what they say! Be safe, be seen! And you will most definitely be seen in these.


Bell Eliminator Spectrum Chrome  Motorcycle Helmet Front


Considering the original retail of the Bell Eliminator helmet (£349.99) the deal on this helmet is phenomenal. Even if you buy it just as a Summer riding helmet you won’t regret it. You can stay out in it all day and hardly notice as it is just so comfortable. The Bell Eliminator is also available in a Spectrum design which features a chrome paintwork – a very eye catching design that is also a bit unusual.

Until next time, stay safe,