Arai Rebel Venturi Helmet

Arai Rebel Venturi Red

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Inspired by the fact that the Arai Rebel Venturi motorcycle helmet has recently been reduced to £299.99 from £529.99, I thought I would look at the Arai Rebel full face motorcycle helmet and do a product review.

Arai Rebel Venturi Full Face motorcycle helmet white

So what does the Arai Rebel have to offer? Its been designed for street fighter riders, for naked bikes and has an integrated chin bar spoiler shaped to improve the wind cheating properties of this helmet. These have also been adapted to the different angles of the head and helmet in relation to the wind and the weight balance of the helmet. The final result is an aggressively, yet functional styled chin piece in which form follows function. As naked bikes have less protection against the elements (no fairing!) and are more upright, the chin piece is designed to guide the wind around the neck and to improve the aerodynamic properties of the helmet. The Arai Rebel deflects wind seamlessly.

Arai Rebel Venturi Red full face motorcycle helmet

The Arai Rebel is made from Arai’s lightweight Super Complex Laminate with an enhanced hyper ridge strengthening and triple density inner shell. It also offers a wider aperture visor SAI for greater vision as well as a fully washable and removable interior.

Arai Rebel Venturi hite full face motorcycle helmet

Another strong point of the Arai Rebel is the enhanced ventilation system. This has improved side exhaust vents and Arai’s patented visor brow ventilation ducts with an aggressive looking chin vent – which, again, suits the look of the streetfighter naked bikes.

arai rebel venturi full face red side

The Arai Rebel also has a sleek one-piece trim rubber, lever release visor removal system and a double D retention system – suitable for track days. The Pinlock visor insert is also included with the helmet and this, obviously, meets ECE 22-05 standards.

Arai Rebel venturi white rear J&S Accessories LTd motorcycle helmet

The Venturi design is an eye-catching dual colour pattern available in either predominantly red or white and has proved to be a popular helmet here at J&S – in the Venturi and in the other colourways.

Arai Rebel Venturi inside full face motorcycle helmet J&S Accessories Ltd

So that’s all the plus points of the Arai Rebel, but what about the negatives?

Arai Rebel Venturi white full face motorcycle helmet visor up J&S Accessories Ltd

Well! Its an Arai. Fantastic to a lot of people, with fantastic build quality and a world-renowned reputation, but if you’re a Shoei wearer a no-go area. Also, as Arai’s are so well made, they can be known to be a little heavy compared to other helmets on the market.

Arai Rebel Venturi red front full face motorcycle helmet J&S Accessories LTd

Another negative is that the Arai Rebel doesn’t have an integrated sun visor. They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and you can always wear sunglasses or use a tinted Pinlock insert, but a lot of helmets come with them and if you’re used to a sun visor it may be hard to adapt.

Arai Rebel Venturi white side full face motorcycle helmet J&S accessories Ltd

This last one is a plus to some and a negative to others. A Double D ring retention system. Without doubt the safest helmet closure going. It also means you can use this for track days (with the ACU Gold sticker that it comes with) but they can be quite hard to do up/undo for the uninitiated and are certainly more complicated than the easy micro ratchet system.

Arai Rebel Venturi full face motorcycle helmet rear back red black J&S Accessories LTd

All in all this is a fantastic helmet with a lot to offer – and even better at only £299.99! The Arai Rebel is also available in other colours and designs.

Until next time, stay safe,