Arai Axces III Helmet

Arai Axces III Flow Green Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
Arai Axces III Flow Green

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. The Arai Axces III is the latest offering in the Axces range from Arai – but how does it fare compared to the previous models?

Arai Axces III Line Black Motorcycle Helmet
Arai Axces III Line Black


The Arai Axces III full face motorcycle helmet is constructed with Arai’s latest super fibre (SFC). The outer shell is strong yet lightweight and the triple density inner shell has excellent impact absorption. Arai’s “Hyper Ridge” (which is a bumper reinforcement band that circles the bottom of the shell) adds strength and lowers the helmets centre of gravity for maximum safety. The Axces III has an improved aperture which is wider for better peripheral vision making you more aware of your surroundings. The chin strap is a double D ring which means that this can be used to racing/track days as this comes with an ACU Gold sticker.

Arai Axces III Sense Blue Motorcycle Helmet
Arai Axces III Sense Blue


Available in a lot of different colours and designs, the Arai Axces III is a very popular helmet because of that! The clean lines on the helmet also make it a winner as this is rounder, smoother and stronger in shape than previous models – despite this being an entry level Arai. The inside of the helmet is always black, a classic colour, and there are more vents than ever on the III compared to the two previous models, but they are disguised well on the shell when closed.

Arai Axces III Matrix Black MotorcycleHelmet
Arai Axces III Matrix Black


The Arai Axces III offers high levels of comfort. The Axces and Axces II also did, but the cheek pads are removable (and washable) in this model which not only means you can change to your liking, but this also makes fitting a comms system easier and more comfortable. The Axces III also offers an unprecedented number of vents (all sealable for a personalised ride) so you can adjust to the perfect settings for you for all seasons. The Arai Axces III also flares out to make it easier to put on and take off.

Arai Axces III White Motorcycle Helmet
Arai Axces III White


Where to start? This is loaded with practical features to make your life easier/better when riding your bike! Firstly, the ventilation. As mentioned above, the Axces III has improved ventilation for comfort and necessity in some weathers! The wider aperture with a new Maxvision visor gives you the best vision yet from an Arai Axces helmet. The removable (and washable) interior not only keeps you fresh but allows the easy installation of intercom systems (and removal). The “flaring” of the outer shell at the bottom means better grip whilst wearing gloves for easy entry/exit with less chance of dropping your beloved Arai helmet! This also has large operating knobs for use whilst wearing gloves as well as a SuperAdSis Lever Release System which makes visor changes easy and extremely quick.

Arai Axces III Frost Black Motorcycle Helmet
Arai Axces III Frost Black


As everyone knows, or will do now, Arai motorcycle helmets are handmade and extremely high quality. With that quality comes a bit of weight, quite literally, so although compared to other Arai helmets, the Axces III is not a heavy helmet, compared to some on the market this can seem a little heavy. If you’re used to lighter helmets, then this could be deemed as heavy. It is worth remembering though that the quality is outstanding, and the safety aspect of an Arai will always outweigh (sorry for the pun!) the negative of this being labelled as “heavy”.

The Axces III has a double D ring safety strap. Not necessarily a negative, and definitely not if you’re going on a track day or planning to race in an Axces III, but they are not for everyone. We have quite a lot of customers who just cannot get their head around them.

Also, while we’re on the subject of heads, it is well worth a try on in one of our 30 stores nationwide. You may love the look of these and the description of them, but you may not have a head that suits an Arai. It’s a well-known fact in the motorcycle industry that you either have an Arai or a Shoei shaped head. A lucky few can wear both, but you really should check before you buy.

The final negative is that this doesn’t have an internal sun visor. Again, this is a personal taste issue. If you do prefer a helmet with a sun visor, then it is worth noting that this can be fitted with a Pro Shade visor easily.

Arai Axces III Matrix Red Motorcycle Helmet
Arai Axces III Matrix Red

Until next time, stay safe,