Alpinestars Spartan Gloves

Alpinestars Spartan Motorcycle Gloves Product Review:

Touted as a Summer, street riding glove, the Alpinestars Spartan motorcycle glove is a lightweight shorter cuff offering from Alpinestars. So, what does it have to offer?

Subtle advanced polymer knuckle guards are incorporated in to the design to provide great impact performance along with reinforcements to vulnerable areas. As this has been designed as a Summer glove the Alpinestars Spartan gloves also have ventilation with air stretch mesh as well as Spandex for ease of movement and comfort.

Designed ergonomically, the Spartan gloves feature pre-contoured fingers for added comfort in the riding position to prevent rider fatigue. Silicone print at the fingers gives better grip fr peace of mind whilst riding.

Reflective detailing gives added night visibility.

So you’ve heard what the Alpinestars Spartan Motorcycle Gloves have to offer, but are they any good? The short answer is YES!

These are extremely versatile. As the design is so plain they can be used on any bike! Motocross, adventure riding, cruising. They are ULTRA-lightweight so really comfortable in hot weather and the air mesh construction makes these motorbike gloves highly breathable. The circulation is second to none. The simple and pared down design means they aren’t garish or too outlandish so have proven to be popular for all age groups. The Velcro cuff means they are easily adjustable to any sized wrist so truly give a personalised fit. As these gloves are so light they are also very comfortable – like you’re not wearing gloves at all – but the armoured knuckles and added protection at the fingers make sure you are protected if the worst happens!

So whats NOT good about the Alpinestars Spartan glove? Well! They are not waterproof. Granted, these are designed for warmer weather and are fantastic for that, but we, in the UK, if you hadn’t noticed, don’t always have the most reliable climate and cannot rely on hot and dry days staying that way. The other negative point that some of our customers don’t like is that it is a short cuff design which can obviously let wind in to your wrists. A lot of people are short cuff converts, but the same amount of people aren’t. The short cuff/long cuff motorcycle glove debate is divisive in the motorcycle community!

All in all, the Alpinestars Spartan Gloves are a fantastic summer biking glove. Versatile for all bike styles, simple in design but effective in protection. The Spartan gloves give premium air-circulation on a warm day without any discomfort. These are one of our best selling gloves and its easy to see why!

Until next time, stay safe,