Aerosol Essentials

Nikwax Tech Wash and Nikwax TX Direct Wash In

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. This week I just wanted to talk about items that we have in stock but are not showing on our website. This is all liquid and aerosol items. At the moment we cannot send these items out (we are working on it) but I just wanted to highlight that we do sell these brands and lots of different items, but just because they are not on our website does not mean we don’t have them in. We stock these in all of our 28 stores nationwide.

With this in mind I thought I would highlight our best selling liquids/aerosols at this time of year and their uses:

Silkolene Fuchs Off Bike wash

Silkolene Fuchs Off Bike wash (currently 2 for £10 in all of our 28 stores nationwide) an absolute must for removing all of this winter salt on the roads off your bike. Easy to use and biodegradeable and at two for a tenner you can’t go wrong.

Nikwax Visor Proof

Nikwax Visor Proof – water repelling spray for the outside of your visor to improve visibility and also improves your ride experience. This beads the water to make visibility a lot better and lets face it at this time of year in Britain you need all the help you can get!

Nikwax Tech Wash – this is for cleaning your textiles. Remove all armour and follow the washing instructions. You can either use the hand wash version or the machine one. This removes all the grime and salt and harmful substances etc that your kit accumulates. Never use normal washing detergent – it uses brightening beads that can actually damage your kits waterproof membranes. Nikwax Tech Wash protects your garment and properly gets rid of anything harmful to this membrane gently and safely.

Nikwax Tech Wash and Nikwax TX Direct Wash In

After you have cleaned your textiles using Nikwax Tech Wash then you need to use Nikwax TX Direct to re-waterproof your garments. You can get a spray on version OR a wash-in version. Just pop the items back in to the washing machine (still with the armour removed) and follow the instructions and your textile clothing will be as good as new. You should repeat this around once every 6 months as salt from the road and even from sweat in the body can do some damage to waterproof membranes. These will make sure your items are in tip top condition.

Tunap Chain Cleaner

All the things your chain hates are at their worst this time of year. Your chain gets attacked by road salt, grime and water. Tunap Chain Cleaner is imperitive at this time of year. Use this to clean your chain and then apply your chain lube or wax.

Silkolene Chain Lube

Silkolene Chain Lube – easy to apply and essential for the maintenance of a healthy chain.

On a completely different note –  you may have heard about Guy Martin confirming he is racing in the Isle of Man TT this year but this time for Honda. We wish him the best of luck and we know how popular Guy Martin is so just a gentle reminder that we still have stock of his helmets – hurry while stocks last!

Until next time, stay safe!