2019 Sponsored Rider Interviews

As you may already know, J&S Accessories Ltd support riders in the BSB (and more!) and our HQ, based in Oakmere Cheshire, is only just down the road from Oulton Park. As it was the BSB at Oulton Park this weekend we decided to get most of them in for a photo shoot and interviews. This blog is a behind the scenes view of what went on!

First in was Ross Twyman, who came with his old suit along with his current suit for a photo shoot. He was the first in and had probably travelled the furthest to get to Oulton Park.

Ross Twyman striking a pose
Ross Twyman strikes a pose

Once he had struck his poses for us, we then interviewed him in our fantastic and highly professional “studio”

Interviewing Ross Twyman
Christian interviewing Ross Twyman

J&S’ very own Christian interviewed all of our racers. Christian is actually in charge of all dealings with the supported riders from contracts to suit to boots and gloves – its Christian who sorts it and who deals with each and every rider. They know him well so who better to interview them? If you want to see Ross’ interview you can watch it here:

Next up was Lewis Rollo. He’d also travelled a long way to get to Oulton, but, like Ross, was the consummate professional with his suit and helmet in tow ready for his close up.

Lewis Rollo mid-interview
Lewis Rollo mid-interview

You can watch Lewis’ interview here:

Next up was Joe Francis. As Joe is a local lad we already had a photo shoot done another time, but he still came along for his interview!

Joe Francis interview

You will most likely see some clips of Joe Francis’ interview on our end of year bloopers video as him, and Christian, got a touch of the giggles – watch out for that on our YouTube channel around Christmas! However!! There was a problem with the sound on Joe’s video so he will have to come back in to film it with us – so if you’re reading this Joe, whenever you want is great!

Glenn Irwin was next into the J&S photoshoot/interview chain! (It was a busy day!) Glenn’s photo shoot was a bit more special than all the others because this was the first time he had ever seen his new leathers! This wasn’t just a big reveal to our customers, but to Glenn himself!

Glenn Irwin in his new leathers
Glenn Irwin in his brand new Frank Thomas leather suit

Our very own Steve The Dream managed to edit his photos that day so we could release exclusive shots of his suit before the big reveal at Oulton Park practice the next day. To watch Glenn’s interview go here:

Next up we had a triple header – Billy McConnell, Louis Valleley and Taylor Moreton all came in together for their photo shoots and interviews. Billy went first as he had to head off – it was a busy weekend coming up!

Billy McConnell getting photo ready
Christian getting Billy McConnell photo-ready

The photographer you can see is our resident graphic designer/photographer/videographer and editor Steve The Dream (TM) (as mentioned above) To see Billy, with his shoulder still intact, in his interview go here:

Louis Valleley was next. He had a scuffed suit, which we had to try to work out how to cover up! We decided his helmet could cover it, and if I hadn’t told you then you may not have noticed at all!

Luis Valleley in his photo shoot
Louis Valleley channelling his “blue steel”

You can watch Louis’ interview here:

Taylor Moreton was very patient waiting for his turn, in the meantime he was checking out the Red Route jeans in our Oakmere megastore! But he finally got his turn:

Taylor Moreton's interview
Christian interviewing Taylor Moreton

His interview is another which may be on the bloopers reel due to Christian getting the giggles during his interview. To find out why watch here:

Last, but definitely not least, of the J&S supported riders who could make it to J&S HQ for a photoshoot/interview was Joe Collier.

Joe collier suited up
Joe Collier is all suited-up for his J&S photo shoot

Joe was, yet again like the rest of our supported racers, fully prepared and handled his photoshoot and interview like a true pro. To watch his interview go here:

You can see all of the behind the scenes photos below:

Here are the photos once they’ve had the Steve The Dream magic touch:

By way of a massive coincidence on the exact same day that our supported riders came in to J&S HQ for their shoots, our Leeds store had a surprise visitor too!

Dean Harrison at J&S Leeds
Dean Harrison with Martin, Dan (our resident BSB correspondent) and Tom at J&S Leeds!

It was only Isle of Man TT winner DEAN HARRISON!!! Racers are obviously like buses!!

Until next time, stay safe,