Christmas Wish List 2018

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As Christmas is upon us, (I know ANOTHER Christmas blog…it’ll be over soon…I promise) I thought that I would ask our staff from our 30 stores nationwide what they want for Christmas. This may be useful to you for inspiration for gift giving/asking or some answers may just give you a giggle…some may make you very sad and may make you want to donate…just send a cheque FAO Alex @ HQ. I’ll make sure it’s passed on. Ahem. Continue reading Christmas Wish List 2018

Kids Christmas Part 1

J&S Accessories Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog,

A child is for life not just for Christmas, but it is nice to treat them at Christmas and if your little one is bike mad then what better gift than to kit them out to either come on the back of yours or be safe on their own bike? I was on the back of my dad’s bike at 6 years old (as soon as my feet could touch the pedals) and look at me! With my own blog all about motorcycling – your kids can dream! This week I will concentrate on childrens motorcycle kit designed for road riding.
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