Ade’s Custom Bike Part 1

Ade's Custom Bike Build Part 1

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. Ade, the manager from our Northwich store, has worked for J&S Accessories Ltd now for over 20 years (which is a bit of a miracle considering if you ask him he tells you he’s only 28!) and if we do say so ourselves, he is an absolute expert in all areas of motorcycling. Clothing, kit, maintenance. You name it, he knows it. He also has a history of tinkering with and restoring old bikes.
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Retro Motorcycle Clothing

Retro Range Collection

Hi there and welcome to Alex’s Blog. This week I wanted to look at the current trend of retro motorcycle clothing and accessories. This retro trend seems to be hitting the motorcycling world hard with all of the brands getting in on the retro action. It’s not hard to see why, retro clothing looks good on or off the bike and it’s always nice to give a nod to our heritage and riders of yester year.

There is also a certain understated class to retro styled motorcycle clothing which could be another reason its proving to be so popular.
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Oulton Park May 2018

J&S Accessories Sponsored BSB Riders

Morning all, or maybe afternoon whenever the time is that you read this, but here’s a summary of this weekends action from the third round of the British superbike championship.

Before I get into the action just a quick thank you to all the riders who turned up to our Oakmere store on Friday for the meet the riders day. It was good to get a insight into the life of a rider with some of the questions that were asked. 
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