Motorcycle Commuting

Two Wheeled Commuters

Hello and welcome to Alex’s blog. Today I wanted to look at commuting to work via motorcycle as opposed to driving in to work in a car. Yes, a car has a lot of plus points. You’re guaranteed to be warm, dry and comfy, you don’t have to get changed (and you don’t have helmet hair to concede with!) but commuting via motorcycle also has a lot of good reasons to ditch the car:
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Show Us Your Lid Finalists

Show us your lid competition

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. We launched the “Show us your lid” competition a few weeks ago. The point of the competition was to see all of your weird and wonderful helmets. You send us pictures of your (motorcycle) helmets and then we’d give a brand spanking new HJC RPHA 70 to the winner! Sorted. However……it hasn’t been as easy as that. You see, first of all the amount of entries has been insane, amazing! but insane nonetheless. Also the calibre of the the entries has been very high and here, at J&S Accessories HQ, there has been arguments within our judgement panel as to who deserves to win the brand new helmet… this is where YOU come in.
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