Motorcycle Gloves

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Hello and welcome to Alex’s blog. Over the last few weeks I’ve given guides to buying boots, helmets, leathers, textiles and waterproofs which leaves gloves left to cover.

Gloves are probably the 2nd piece of protective motorcycle kit you should buy after a helmet. The likelihood is your hands will be the first or second thing to hit the ground when you come off your bike and the last thing you want is your hands hitting the road!
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Motorcycle Waterproofs

Collection of Waterproof Jackets

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. This week I wanted to focus on Waterproof clothing – and by waterproof I mean clothing with a waterproof membrane. Our 30 stores have fedback that lots of customers come in asking for “Gore-Tex” clothing but then when they find out the price they then downgrade to just “waterproof” as they aren’t aware of the options – so here I am to explore the other options for you.
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Hi there and welcome to Alex’s Blog. I go on, a lot, about different deals we have offer and go in to detail on items of kit we sell but I wanted to focus on one of our brands this week. I have written another blog about the brand IXS so thought it was about time I wrote another one. This week the lucky brand is BKS.
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