Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots at J&S Accessories

Hello and welcome to Alex’s blog. With this glorious weather we are experiencing a lot of you will be getting out and about on your bike, most likely more than usual this year. With this in mind you will be getting more use out of your kit. This week I wanted to look at motorcycle boots and pass on some tips for buying the best boots for you and highlighting some great boot deals we have available at the moment for inspiration. Continue reading Motorcycle Boots

Festivals On A Motorbike

Motorbike Festival

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. Its now mid-July and we’re getting some fantastic weather all around the Great British isles this year. We are having some rain (which is to be expected for British summers!) but we are getting some very hot weather too. With this in mind I wanted to highlight motorcycle events and festivals for you to enjoy and what essentials to bring. Continue reading Festivals On A Motorbike

Ladies Motorcycle Clothing

 The Worlds largest all female biker meet 2017

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. This week I want to talk about sisters doing it for themselves. On July 16th there is an event on for female bikers with the worlds largest all-female biker meet. This is being held at Lynn’s Raven Cafe  in Shropshire. Female bikers from far and wide are all convening to try to break the record for the biggest all female biker event for charity. Here at J&S Accessories Ltd we support this fully and are only too happy to promote this event for our female customers. So if you’re a female biker and you’re free on July 16th why not show up and add to the numbers to get that record broken! Continue reading Ladies Motorcycle Clothing