Adrian’s 1979 Yamaha RD250F restoration project (ongoing….)

Yamaha RD 250 F restoration project

Hello! And welcome back to Alex’s Blog! Apologies for the brief hiatus but I was away living it up in Las Vegas getting married in a Cadillac and having the time of my life……#sorrynotsorry. So I am afraid with all that excitement I didn’t get a chance to write any blogs….but fear not, you can breathe a sigh of relief, I am back again! And WHAT a return!

This week is the first of a new series of updates from Adrian from our Oakmere store who, in the coming weeks, will be updating us on his progress with a mammoth task he has taken on…..

Adrian’s Yamaha RD250F 1979 restoration project

Yamaha RD 250 F restoration project

Adrian, the manager from our Oakmere store, has undertaken restoration of an iconic 2 stroke twin 1979 Yamaha RD250F.

“It all started when a colleague was asked to clear out a relative’s garage. There was word, that buried beneath a pile of trash, junk and rubbish, was a motorcycle. What motorcycle it was nobody knew as it had sat there for over thirty years. As you can see from the pictures, this had been stored untouched for over thirty years in a leaky old garage with no love or attention.  I was asked if I was interested? Me being me, said “Absolutely! – When can we go and see what it is” A few nights later, a time was set and off I went furnished with the address, a trailer and no clue as to what to expect. A bit of mauling revealed a Yamaha. A little bit more mauling revealed it to be the iconic Yamaha RD250F. I knew there and then that it had to be mine. The deal was done. It was dragged on to the trailer, lashed down and homeward bound.  There I was with my haul. And what a haul! Or so I thought…….

Yamaha RD 250 front mudguard and wheel

Yamaha RD 250 petrol tank

Yamaha RD 250 front lights

Yamaha RD 250 engine

Yamaha RD 250 exhaust

Yamaha RD 250 seat

Yamaha RD 250 front caliper

Yamaha RD 250 rear caliper

When we got it home I was giddy with excitement at this beautiful beast before my eyes. Yes it needed a bit of love, but I was the one to give it love and attention and get it back to it’s former glory. At first glance I didn’t feel that the bike was in too bad condition considering. However, once I’d got it home, this was definitely not the case! My giddiness soon wore off and my rose tinted glasses firmly fell on the floor when I realised the actual state of the bike. Was this silk purse a sow’s ear? Had I bitten off more than I could chew? Was it beyond economic repair? Was it even beyond help?”

Come back next week for the next part of Adrian’s restoration project! You won’t believe your eyes when you see some of the things from next weeks update!

Now back to me as its MY blog. It’s an exciting time at J&S HQ with lots of products coming in to our stores and warehouse – this week the main focus has been on motorcycle helmets as we have received Frank Thomas FT36SV Helmets in stock  – these are EXCLUSIVE to J&S Accessories Ltd and come in a range of colourways to suit everyone, and with prices starting at £79.99 its a price for everyone too!

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Until next week, enjoy the weather, keep safe and see you next week!