Alex’s Blog – Motorcycle Live at the NEC

The J&S team at Motorcycle Live

Hello! Welcome back to “Alex’s Blog” I’d just like to start this week’s blog with a quick big-up to all my J&S brethren who are all working the whole 9 days of the Motorcycle Live show at the NEC. I, myself, worked the first weekend (and will be working the second) but thankfully have escaped the week day uber-early mornings in the freezing cold.

It’s not like I have escaped this arduous week to go on holiday – I am working very hard in the online department (Black Friday was no walk in the park you know!) But I do get to be warm. And infinitely better slept.

So please, if you are attending the Motorcycle Live show this week at the Birmingham NEC (we are stand 3F70), this is an appeal, please be kind to our boys. They are working hard. They are also good’uns who will try to help you as much as they can and they are all from our stores so have a wealth of knowledge on motorcycle clothing and accessories – so ask them questions – they will be happy to help. I have attached photos of the boys, and the stand, for you to recognise them and maybe even congratulate them for their hard work and their continued efforts in the motorcycle industry! That goes for all of the stands at the NEC. But mostly ours. Thanks lads. Merit mark.

Anyway! Speaking of our hard working staff at the Motorcycle Live show, we, J&S Accessories Ltd, for the first time EVER, are matching the deals that we have at the show in all of our 26 stores nationwide AND online. So you don’t have to leave the comfort of your town or even your own sofa to make savings!  And you, yourself, as a faithful Alex’s Blog reader (ahem) can get these deals too! Don’t say I never give you anything!

It’s not ALL work at the Motorcycle Live show…….. (it mostly is) but I did get to have a bit of an explore this year and check out a few shows at the Black Horse stage, check out the stunning new Ducatis, Nortons, MV Agustas, Ariel, Kawasakis and MANY more. All for research for this blog. Of course. I also got to do some celeb spotting! The hairy bikers (much taller than I had imagined) John McGuinness (thoroughly lovely chap) Matt Willis from Busted (ask your kids) extreme motorcyclist/author Nick Sanders and BSB champion Josh Brookes!

And that was just in two days! Also that was only 2 halls out of a possible 4 so I may have some more celebrity spots for you next week! You can also get some test rides (queue up early for that one if you can – it’s the top corner of Hall 3A) and so can your kids! There is a children’s rider experience where they can try out riding in a safe and fun environment to give them a foray in the motorcycle world too! Plus plenty more to keep you amused.

If you want more information or ticket info etc then here is the official Motorcycle Live website: Its on until Sunday December 6th – I’ll be there on the Saturday and Sunday – come and say hi!

That’s it for now – until next time!


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