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J&S Sponsored BSB Riders

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog,

As you may know, here at J&S Accessories Ltd, we sponsor quite a few racers with Frank Thomas and BKS clothing. To find out who these racers are read my previous blogs from the start of the year here and here.

After every race, our resident sponsored riders’ reporter, Dan from our Leeds store, puts together a sponsored riders results blog for the Monday after each race weekend. This is a labour of love for Dan as he is a big fan of the BSB and has been for a long time, yet I am pretty sure this is the first time he has dissected each race and written up in minute detail about each rider!

Access All AreasI hope we haven’t taken too much fun out of the racing for him! With this in mind we wanted to make sure he got out of the Leeds store for the racing weekends and got to see the racing himself, in person, so he could get some one-on-one interviews with our riders as well as getting to experience what it’s like in the paddocks for our racers. This was also a big thank you to Dan, from us at J&S HQ, for taking on the BSB results blogs, which he has done so willingly but also so well!

It wasn’t just Dan that gets to experience behind the scenes of the BSB. We made sure he took a camera with him so there will be J&S exclusive videos on our YouTube channel of rider interviews, paddock exclusives and more for you to enjoy.

Not only has Dan been busying himself filming lots of footage for our YouTube channel as well as sharing on Facebook live on our main Facebook page live during the race weekend, but he has, ever so kindly, taken a RUCK of photos from behind the scenes at last week’s Oulton Park BSB meet up.

Here are the exclusive behind the scenes pictures for your perusal: (click to enlarge)


Damp Day For Racing

Safety Car Ready

Jake Dixon Kawasaki

Brad Ray's Superbike

Ducati Garage

Billy's Stock 1000 Bike

Ducati Garage 2

EHA Racing Supersport 600

David Allingham

Helmet & Gloves

Joe Collier 2

Gino Pit Lane

Allingham Resting

Joe Collier

The Grid

Brad Ray Grid

Brad Ray Grid 2

Gino Grid 2

Gino Grid 3

Jake Dixon Grid

Joe Francis Grid

Luke Mossey Grid

Peter Hickman Grid

The Winners Enclosure

Billy Bike

Billy Thumbs Up

Billy Podium

Stock 1000



Dan had a fantastic time and cannot wait until Assen and then Brands Hatch. We will be sharing more exclusive footage from these race meets, along with pictures and Dan’s usual J&S Sponsored Riders Results blog with a detailed synopsis of all the racing action from each race weekend. Until then if you do see Dan in our Leeds branch then don’t forget to:
a) congratulate him on a job well done and
b) give him some questions for our riders if there is anything you want to know!

He is the man who has access to all the riders so he’s the man to ask! Remember to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel for daily updates on the videos we share to see the BSB videos as soon as they are uploaded.

Just another thing before I go, there are three days left to enter the #JSGBBO competition! For more details check out this previous blog here.

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J&S Sponsored results – Silverstone

J&S Accessories Sponsored BSB Riders

Dan from our Leeds store writes the sponsored riders blog:

Morning everyone here’s my round up of this weekends action from which came from Silverstone. It was the 9th round of the championship and the last before the title showdown. This weekend was a bit different for me as I was able to actually be at the racing and witness what goes on behind the scenes during a race weekend. One word sums up the whole weekend, BUSY!!!!
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Be safe be seen this 2018!

Motorcyclist at night

Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog,

I know that it is technically still Summer and I am not wishing that away, but the longest days of Summer are now behind us and the darker nights are drawing in. Don’t get me wrong, we are still in for some good weather yet so don’t go putting your lightweight mesh kit away just yet, but it may be time to think about ways to make yourself more visible out on the bike for the nights drawing in.
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J&S Sponsored riders results – Cadwell Park

J&S Accessories Sponsored BSB Riders

Hi everyone, here’s my round up from this weekend action which came from Cadwell Park for the 8th round of the British Superbike championship. The round was billed as the ‘Party in the Park’  Cadwell Park is a fan and rider favourite with it’s tight and narrow twisting sections, plus the notorious ‘Mountain’ where the bikes actually leave the track and go airborne for a matter of seconds. Continue reading J&S Sponsored riders results – Cadwell Park